Friday, 26 August 2011

Vivo en Espana

It's been nearly 2 mths since i blogged and some good stuff has happened and some bad stuff has happened. I didn't want the blog sitting on what appears to be a negative post so thought i'd do a quick update.

1) Got a 7A+ but not picnic saracastic
2) Didn't get a 7B
3) Packed house up and moved to Spain
4) Un packed house and built entire contents of Ikea for 3 weeks
5) Finally go to climb but appear to have 2 left feet ( and i'm right footed ) and the bravery of a yellow backed Siberian hamster ( Dangermouse reference if you're wondering ).

Got vids to upload and lots of stuff to say but not much time. Fighting Spanish red tape to get a bank account so we can get a decent internet connection instead of the world's most expensive, and crap, dongle.

Back soon.