Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Pre-emptive strike

Not done this before but i thought i'd post my thoughts and feelings prior to a big day out.

I'm back off to Malham on Sunday and this week was supposed to go as follows:

Mon - rest after big day out climbing
Tue - circuits
Wed - routes session at St Bees
Thur - circuits
Fri - circuits
Sat - rest

What has actually happened/is going to happen is:

Mon - didn't go out Sunday as my wife got volcanoed in Spain
Tue - Got the lurgy
Wed - really got the lurgy. Sleept on sofa most of the day
Thur - going to have another day off
Fri - May try for a routes session in the evening.
Sat - Rest

Not exactly amazing preparation. This has followed a disappointing few weeks in general, other than the 7A the other week, i've not had the volume or time on the sharp end of late.

I noticed that many good climbers are still hitting the wall at this time of year and tried myself out on my old circuit. It went really badly hence the idea of getting a quick blast in before attacking puddlejumper again.

I'm now veering from thinking i'm strong enough to pull through it anyway if i just go for it as i've got the sequence nailed and worrying it's going to be another wasted journey - especially if i don't get well enough in time.

I just want the bloody thing done. E1 was a big mental barrier to me ages ago and i think 7a is proving to be the same. I think (hope) once i've got one in the bag others will follow quickly and i have a secret hope that i may be able to crack Rose Coronary off on the same day.

Not so secret now so the pressure's on.


  1. I know what you mean, I'm the same with Font 7A - I've been after one for what seems like ages and as soon as I start to work one I think my mind says 'this is a Font 7A, you can't climb this yet' and stops me! I've started heading out without guide books in the hope that I'll unintentionally climb a 7A without knowing! Not worked yet though.

  2. I like that idea.

    Bizzarely my trad is a lot better purely because i am 'not bothered' about it. No pressure and i just enjoy it.

    You'll get it soon now you've done the crux.