Sunday, 17 March 2013

January Morocco trip

Ages ago i went to Morocco. I've not got around to writing it up and a picture is supposed to say a thousand words.

So using that as a convenient excuse here's a load of pictures from what was the best climbing trip i've been on. New continent climbed on, new places, new cultures, new friends and a whole load of good feelings.

The 3 amigos !

Not a bad place to spend the night

I hate eliminate lines

Me wondering where the route goes next ?

Ryanair cancelling out flight home meant we had to stay in Marrakech for a night. We kipped here for 10 euros each. Amazing night: dodgy beers and dodgy kebab at 3a.m.

Me panicking on my first E2 for 2 yrs

Golden Compass E1 5b 200m. AWESOME !

This is where we waited while Gino and Simon were stuck on a mountain in the dark.

This is what we ate while we waited - looks gross but i would say it was the best kebab i've ever had.

The boys come home - only 4 hrs after dark. Half an hour late and JJ and i had decided we were going to warm their kebabs with the heater and eat them ourselves.

Health and safety ?

JJ is on the left

Camels !

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