Sunday, 17 March 2013

Moving house = new rock !

View from outside my house. 100m high crag in the background.
 Still feeling lazy so i've quickly put up some pics of where i live now. These pics don't show even 1/10 of the rock that is within a 10min drive of my house. Mostly un touched and boulders, sport crags and trad lines are everywhere. Single pitch to lots of mountain multi pitch an an awesome ridge that has been done as a 12 hr day.
View the other way. 1 of 3 mountains that are 150m high

New sport crag - once i get a drill

The orange section is about 40m high. The boulders in front are up to 20m high. AND it's 3 min from my house

The all weather gym. Overhanging, dry, heavily featured and solid. The useable bit is about 4 m wide and 3m high

recent attempt to escape rain led us into a cave. A cave full of goats, and shit. Yes that is steam coming off the shit and yes we did climb there.

Gino climbing the shit out of the cave

Brilliant roof. About 10m wide and 5m deep. 3 really good obvious lines but a load of nettles and thistles for a landing.

The orange wall. Dyno from the obvious hold at the top of the orange section.

My first ever problem here. Monkey arete V1

Grinning like a kiddy in a sweetshop

Not tried anything on this one yet.

Or this one. It was higher than it looked. Good landings though.

Trad line up crack in centre

Boulder project. The lip is about 6m off the floor.

Another trad line up the middle but comes in from bottom right of orange rock using the rising traverse crack

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